Amazing, Magical Parties

*some  photos were taken pre-coronavirus pandemic

From the moment the children arrive, the stage is set: birthday music plays in the background whilst your host, Disco Steve, is setting the scene and getting everyone to their places - throwing in some magic along the way!

"Off we go!" The show begins - and every child is eagerly joining in along with Mums and Dads.


Next, it's MAGIC TIME, featuring the kids' favourite - Wizzard the Dog. How Steve and Wizzard hold their imagination is simply amazing. 

Then, it's the birthday boy or girl's turn to wow their friends, they are really made to be the star of the show!

The magic is presented alongside various stage-based games and everyone gets a chance at winning a prize.

Everyone agrees...
THAT was THE best party ever!

Don't let Covid-19 spoil your child's birthday.

Wizzard's parties are specifically adapted to work safely within Covid-19 guidelines (although the shows are proving to be so popular, they may be here to stay!).

The birthday boy/girl's wand will be posted in advance, so that you may sanitise it. All prizes are in prepackaged covers, and I maintain a distance of at least 2m from the audience at all times.

Specifics such as venue, numbers, ect. can be discussed at time of booking.

The shows run for 45minutes BUT will often carry on longer as the children are having so much fun. We don't clock-watch the extra time is on us!